Monday, September 25, 2006

The end is near

I spent most of the day today at Michael's office, copying DVDs of legal depositions to the server so they could be encoded to mpeg files and then synchronized to the text. Wahoo. This task, while not requiring much in the way of gray matter, does require a certain amount of patience and fortitude, especially since most of the DVDs had been burned onto crappy media, which meant I had to run a lot of them through a second program. This work requires bursts of concentration followed by 10 or 15 minutes of nothing to do while the files move across the ether. Unless you're a knitter, in which case you always have something to do.

Here's what I did between swapping disks :

This is square 19 of 20 for the Afghan of Motherly Love aka A Taste of Aran Afghan by Janet Szabo, Aran designer extraordinaire.

Here are the other 18 squares, each different in pattern, in one of three washable Plymouth Encore colors, which will be sewn together (some time in the next couple months) and then presented to Nina as a birthday or Solstice gift.

In my continuing pursuit of knitting tiny socks, here's this past weekend's edition of cute knittiness made from leftover sock yarn.

Cotton will do anything I want, including modeling socks for infants.
The second sock is halfway home, having been cast on at the Sunday Synchronized Skating Session.

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