Wednesday, September 13, 2006


This sweater took me a week and a half to knit. It's taken me a month to get the thing blocked, sewn together, and prepped for the zipper, which I was about to do Monday when I noticed this:

I think it's because the side on the right was pinned and sewn on my lap while I watched the Harlot and then later stood in line to get my books signed. Might have helped to have laid it out on the floor and made sure the two sides matched before I sewed it it by HAND, huh?

I mean, look at the ribbon on the right:

It's all puckered. Sigh. Yes, I realize the ribbon on the left is also a bit puckered, but none of that would matter if the puckering matched..

Next step:

Master Knitting swatches, part 3

Today, class, we are going to look at the -- I can't remember. The lace swatches? The cables? Excuse me while I go check...

It's both -- lace and cables

Swatch 10

Swatch 11

Swatch 12

Swatch 13, two versions

Version 1, on the left is too flat, I think. Version 2, on the right, has a nice looking cable, but the plain knitting is too loose and sloppy.

Swatch 14

The original one, in the center, has to be replaced, because I re-did Swatches 1, 2 and 3 in white, which means I have to re-do Swatch 14. Of the two white swatches, the one to the far left has too loose a cast on, so I'll probably go with the one on the far right.

Swatch 15
More on that tomorrow.


Joanne said...

Love your sweater- color is gorgeous. Looks like you sewed the tape on by hand. Do you sew the zipper in by hand, or with sewing machine?

Rox said...

My plan is to sew it in by hand, once I have the ribbon resewn. I didn't want the sewing to show on the public side, so I didn't want to use the machine.