Monday, November 26, 2007

Out of Hibernation

I'm blowing off a thick layer of blog dust here. I'll try to get caught up here as best I can.

First, this baby is out of hibernation and on the road to completion:

My FLAK sweater. Everything has been knit, but there may be reknitting to be done once I've blocked it, as my swatch relaxed quite a bit after its wash. The sweater seems frighteningly small, so I am trusting the swatch. I'm not sure about the bottom ribbing, though.

I may not have decreased enough. Which will totally suck, if I didn't, because I spent an hour figuring out where to decrease the places I did to keep the honeycomb and 1x1 ribs continuing down to the cast off edge

And then there's the neck ribbing. I may have too many stitches there, too.

And of course, there are the sleeve cuffs, which have been a problem forever.

I'll be ripping those back and reworking them for the (I think) fourth time. They're still too tight. I decreased to an amount that would have worked for regular ribbing, but the cables make it tighter. After doing the body ribbing, I'm thinking I'll not continue the braid, but only the 1x1 cables, with maybe one or two more stuck in there (but not for the whole cuff).

Sock Monkey hat

Heavily modified from the free Knitty pattern. I used worsted weight Cascade 220, and changed the mouth to more closely resemble a sock monkey. He seems rather ambivalent. If I were to knit another one (ha) I'd make his mouth edges more pointy, to look more like a sock heel. Or, horrors, knit a protruding, short-row mouth on it. As it is, this is sufficient to embarrass my 10-year-old at the skating rink when I'm the ice monitor.

Here the hat is again, modeled by my older, nearly-13-year-old ambivalent daughter.

There are lots of socks from this summer, most particularly the Lupine Lace socks (Fiber Trends pattern) for my friend Jill, who was diagnosed with breast cancer.

More projects updated later this week.

I'm on Ravelry now (part of why I've been so absent on the blog), and really enjoy it over there.