Thursday, April 27, 2006

Spring has Sprung

The first signs are showing up in my garden.
It's the Opal Handpainted flowering bush shown here in its amorphous blob state before it blooms into a sock

And here in my shade garden the first signs of green peeking up through the leaves, and the
first sock buds. Notice, too, the Opal Ladybug which has landed near the Meilenweit plants.

Why do I feel the compulsion to dig in my garden and plant something new, instead of harvesting some of the existing sock goodness that's already been planted?

There's an Opal superwash/silk blend

An Opal with pink ribbing, heel and toe and doesn't quite match, even though the online vendor recommended these two yarns together.

There's the Jaywalker I just finished this afternoon, made from ancient Stahl Socka from my stash.

And the Broadripple, also made from something mysterious I found in my stash from years ago when I wasn't even knitting socks.

All of them, alone in the knitting bag with no partner in site.

And there's the Koigu P140 that I didn't take a picture of that reminds me of daffodils...