Monday, October 02, 2006

Fly away home

I started these socks this summer some time, using Opal Ladybird colorway, and then tucked them in one of my sock yarn drawers (yes, I have several) and forgot about them. As typical of me, I knit one sock and then started on something else, so all I had to do was knit one sock and I had a pair!

I cast on at Nina's swim meet Tuesday, worked on them during Sophia's Wednesday ice skating lesson, and then on Friday, while waiting for a friend to arrive at the airport, then finished Saturday morning during her writing workshop.

Yarns: Opal Rainforest, Ladybug colorway
Needles: Inox dpns, US size 2/3.75mm
Technique: cuff down, heel flap, kitchenered toes using Lucy Neatby's toe chimney
Gauge: about 8 sts/in; 60 sts

Looks like I forgot to include pictures of Nina's afghan last time. Here are the 19 afghan squares, with space for the 20th, laid out (without the green squares having been blocked yet)

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