Thursday, September 14, 2006

What I didn't do today

I didn't clear off the island. Again. Which continues my record of setting a bad example for the children. I believe this is day 4224.

I didn't take Cotton for a walk. Again. He's very, very sad. He's so distraught, he hasn't finished his breakfast and it's 2:45pm.

I didn't ScotchGard the recently-reupholstered kitchen chairs. Again. I have a dog and two kids. This fabric was ridiculously expensive. Clearly, there is something wrong with me.

So what have I been doing today?


Could you just die? My daughters' teachers are having babies left and right, so it was imperative that I sit down and knit a sock. Today. Immediately. I was at knitting group yesterday and Shelly was there with her cutie-pie who was wearing some tie-on socks, which I insisted Shelly remove from her baby's feet so that I could inspect them. Hers were short row toe and heel knit toe-up. Mine are heel flap and Kitchenered toe knit cuff down.

It's taking every bit of will power for me not to go sit down and knit the other sock RIGHT NOW.

Because I have things to do. Like knit something else.

Master Knitting, ad nauseum

Nothing's really new here. I'm trying to find a new cable pattern for Swatch 15. I was messing around with one yesterday at knitting group while I wasn't examining baby socks, discussing Oprah's show about bras, birth control, daughters named Sophia (there are three of us who have one), and pawing through the bag of sock yarn Shelly brought because she's some sort of crack yarn dealer. The yarn was free. This time. It's only a matter of weeks before she brings yarn, we put our hands on it and then she decides to charge us a small handling fee. It'll only escalate from there. I came home with three pairs worth of sock yarn. I made Meleah take the box of solid yarn far, far away. Because I can quit any time I want. Really. It's just that the colors were, uh, giving me a headache. Yeah, that's it.

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