Saturday, September 23, 2006

Water socks

The second sock of this pair was started while I was in the Eau Claire Harlot booksigning line on September 10 and then mostly worked on while sitting on benches sweating my butt off at Nina's swim meets (four since I began the sock) or freezing my butt off at Sophia's ice skating lessons (two private lessons and one Synchro team ... lesson? class? I'm not sure what to call those).

I think this is Meilenweit. Hold on while I Google. I can't ever seem to keep track of my labels. No luck. This is a mystery colorway. Anybody have an idea? Here's a close up:

Meanwhile, Samus is drying in the laundry room. In pursuit of continuing to set a bad example for the children, I left Samus on the living room floor for...let's just say it was a while. I hadn't ripped out the ribbon on the left front of the cardi. I kept intending to, but somehow I just didn't get to it. So the dog took things into his paws (and bladder) and peed on it. Which got the cardi off the living room floor and into the kitchen sink so fast if you'd blinked you would have missed it. Doesn't appear the stain is actually out, though, which is somewhat upsetting. I'll have to finish that damn ribbon and zipper and then take it to the dry cleaner. Unless someone has a tip for getting dog urine out of wool.

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BaaBaa said...


He must have really loved that cardi to mark it so thoroughly. Have you tried the enzymatic cleaners they sell in pet stores for all sorts of pet stains? Better try it on a swatch first; the enzymes eat protein and wool is a protein, last time I looked.
Good luck and regards,
Barbara (BaaBaa)