Thursday, October 05, 2006

A face in the crowd

I tend to think of myself as a fairly generous knitter. After all, I knit for my friends and family often before I knit for myself. In fact, I was knitting for myself back in August at a Bar Mitzvah party when the uncle of the boy who'd been Bar Mitzvahed said, "You knit? You need to talk to my wife." His wife, it turned out, wasn't at the party, but when I found out what she started--what she continues to do--I had to get involved.

So Tuesday afternoon and Wednesday evening, this is what I did:

All it needs now is a face.

Dead Sock Jaywalking
In other news, all smugness I have ever had for knitting my Jaywalkers and having them fit perfectly is out the window. I started a new pair last week sometime for a friend, and had Sophia try them on, because she has the same size feet. No dice.

Is that a frog I hear croaking in my knitting bag?

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