Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Baby, it's cold outside

Which means it's time to get moving on the December (Christmas/Hanukkah/Solstice/Birthday) gifts. It also means that today's pictures were taken with indoor lighting, rendering the colors even less life-like than they look when I take them in natural lighting.

In no particular order, these are my current projects:
Again, we have this, for Nina:

Close, but no cigar afghan. Yet. Although, if the seaming continues to drive me insane, I may just end up smoking it. I am also in denial that the green square in the upper left corner may have been knit with a 4mm needle, instead of a 4.5mm needle. All my needles in those sizes were purchased overseas, so they don't have U.S. sizes stamped on them, and I tend to forget that it's the 4.5 that's a size U.S. 7, not the 4.0.

I still need to install the @#$% zipper in my Samus cardi (no more pics of this thing till it's done and I'm wearing it)

Then there's my FLAK, which has been at the bottom of my very large in-progress box since March.

Now that I've taken it out of the box, I'm in love with it again. I think we'll be seeing this thing grow very soon.


At 12 o'clock we have green and orange baby socks, made of leftovers from my own green/orange mystery yarn socks I made for myself. I actually finished the second one today and then frogged it when I realized how not-identical these socks turned out. I either knit the second one on different needles, or I was very tense. I'm going with the stupid mistake, because if I go with tension issues, my tenuous hold on sanity will become a free fall into an abyss.

At 1 o'clock are GI Dennis socks in boring, manly beige for my mom's husband, Al.

From 3-4 o'clock are Jaywalkers for a friend, which need to be frogged (I could tell after I turned the heel that the first one was too small; I need a little recovery time before I can frog all that Jaywalking)

At 7:30-ish are the socks I started after frogging the baby sock. They're for a friend who loves blue and yellow. It's not easy to find a yarn with yellows and blues. I know, because I searched for about 8 months before I found this. This yarn is 100% merino, hand painted Gypsy Girl Creations yarn from Stone Barn Fibers. The color is Lagoon Nebula. Or Nebula Lagoon, I can't remember. I knit my rpm socks from a different colorway of Gypsy Girl merino and I love them.

At 11 o'clock are Pretty Petals socks for my mom, in Koigu. She loves daffodils and this yarn reminded me of them.

Mittens and hats

Thrummed mittens for a friend in black Cascade 220, with royalish blue thrums

Thrummed mittens for another friend in Cascade Quattro purples, with black thrums (Okay, technically, these aren't in progress, but I promised these to my friend last December, so they'd better get started, and soon. Just as soon as I re-invent the pattern I created for the black and blue one. I seem to have, er, misplaced it. Nothing like counting black stitches to figure out what you did the first time. I'm pretty sure I understand now why my hold on sanity is so tenuous.

Blue baby hat to (sort of) match the blue striped socks I made last week. I finished the hat before I finished this blog entry, so that one is actually off the list now!

And still, there is the Master Knitter thing to deal with: re-knitting the hat project because I screwed up the gauge on the first one, and knitting a new cable swatch. Probably something else, but I either forgot it or I'm repressing. Either is possible.

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- LisaD. said...

Whoa.........You've got lots of projects going on. Impressive. Especially love that baby afghan.