Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Thursday is the New Wednesday

Progress, people. I've made progress! (Yes, I know it's Thursday. Again. More on why this post is late down at the bottom.)

So. While cleaning up the "knitting office," to make room for the bookcases that used to be in the living room but which are now in my little office, I found my buttonhole swatches, plus my notes on how I knit them. They need to be typed up, ends woven in, and tagged, but I don't have to re-knit them. Yet.

K1p1 ribbing with buttonholes

K2p2 ribbing with buttonholes

Seed stitch with buttonholes

Here's the swatch with buttonholes evenly spaced.

I need to check the instructions. I have this nagging feeling there should be five buttonholes, not four.

The mitten. My third attempt wasn't any better than my second mitten, and actually turned out worse, because after I finished the Fair Isle portion, I saw I had made a mistake in the pattern. I re-evaluated my second mitten, and while it isn't perfect, I really think it might be good enough. I finished weaving in the ends and crossed it off my to-do list.

Here it is:

(Ack! While taking pictures, I noticed a weaving-in problem. Must fix. Blech.)

I went through my lace swatches last weekend and decided I needed another one done in lace weight. When I started work on Level II, I bought both fingering weight yarn and lace weight yarn, as either one is considered acceptable for the lace swatches. While I had knit lace before, I hadn't ever knit with lace weight yarn and didn't understand what needle size to use. Working an inch of seed stitch seemed like it would take a billion years. I didn't like my swatches worked in fingering weight yarn, though, because they seemed too dense and I was really limited to fairly simple stitch patterns. So I sorted through my lace swatches, flipped through the first Walker Treasury and found a lace pattern to knit.

Still needs to be blocked, tagged, ends woven in.

Here's one I knit last fall:

There's a mistake somewhere near the base of the lace, a mis-placed purl stitch, but for the life of me, I can't find it now. I'm not sure whether to cop to it in my notes or not, given that I can't find it.

Last night, rather than posting this blog entry, like I was supposed to, I decided I was still short on adequate lace swatches, so I knit this:

Just needs the top seed stitch border. Plus blocking, ends woven in, tags, pattern writing, etc.

Here is what else I've been working on:

My History of Knitting report.

Still haven't finished the report on Knitting Without Tears. That book is so different, and I have so many mixed feelings about it, that I'm finding it difficult to review it in an articulate and rational manner. Which probably means I should persevere rather than take the easy way out and review something more straightforward.

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