Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Let me eat cake. Or pie.

It's my birthday and I'm doing laundry (we're leaving for Arizona tomorrow, and packing is in progress). I had two kinds of pie for dessert, though, on top of an extremely delicious meal at Lucia's, so all in all, a very nice birthday.

Also, I've decided to look at aging in an entirely new way.

Today I'm 32. In base 15. This will work for another 7 years, until I hit 3A, which will confuse too many people, so I'll switch bases again. I'm thinking base 18 will be a good choice at that point. I'll be 30. I liked being 30, it's the age I was when I met my husband. He of course, was only 29, and he's always reminding me that I'm older than he is. But I have a plan now.

He's staying locked in base 10.


Sonya said...

Happy birthday! I've gone to celebrating the anniversaries of my 29th birthday. Just passed the 12th anniversary!

Mag said...

Happy belated Birthday Rox!

You don't really expect me to do math do you? I'll just settle with 34. ;)

Deborah (aka Mt. Mom) said...

Well, I DID do the math ;-)
Happy (mumble-mumble-th) birthday, Rox!