Monday, October 10, 2011

Master Knitting - Level III Begins

I sent my re-submits for Level II a few days after I had received my initial review from the committee, and on Saturday, Oct. 1, I received notification that I had passed Level II.  Yay!

In her email to me, the co-chair who reviewed my work said the following:
I said in my letter that it was truly a pleasure to review your work.  And, I want you to know that I mean that.  Yours was by far one of the best Level 2 submissions I have seen as a Co-Chair.  The quality of your knitting, the quality of your written work, and your commitment to the program is outstanding.  You are “oh so close” to being a Master Knitter!
I'm still glowing from the praise!

I promptly ordered my Level III materials, but it took a few days to receive them.  I dove right in and have already knit quite a few of the 19 swatches and answered many of the questions.

Having just come off Level II, I'm very conscious of how to write the swatch instructions and the importance of writing them while I knit them!  For me, the hardest thing about writing the instructions is not being allowed to use photos or videos for steps that are particularly fiddly, tricky, or unusual.  The Twisted German cast on and the closed circular cast on are not easy to explain with just words!

My goal is to submit my binder by March 24, which is my 50th birthday.  I'm confident I can do it!


kayT said...

Having read some of your writing on Ravelry I think you are a master "explainer" so I'm sure you will ace the next level just like you did the last one. (Although pictures do help sometimes!)

Rox said...

Thanks, Kay. :-) It does help to be a very comfortable writer!