Sunday, September 25, 2011

Master Knitting Update

I sent off my Level 2 binder for the Master Hand Knitting program at the end of July.  Yesterday morning, I received it back, along with a letter from the co-chair of the committee who reviewed it. (Level 2 is reviewed by two committee members and a co-chair.)

I am happy to say I have no knitting re-submits to do.  My knitting book reviews were all accepted, as was my History of Knitting report.  Overall, they were very complimentary about my submission, and told me it was "one of the most skilled Level 2 submissions that we have seen." 

Resubmits consist of the following
  • Patterns for three swatches: one lace swatch, one cable swatch and the cable flare swatch.  
  • Gauge worksheet and answer for Question 8. 
  • Question 12 was accepted, but clarification was requested.
  • Question 14: "Your discussion is excellent." Please resubmit paragraph with directions for swatch.

They also suggested I submit a pattern for the vest I knit, even though it's not a requirement for Level 2.  I had made extreme modifications to the vest pattern.  The only things I actually used from it were the dimensions and stitch gauge.  The original pattern was a two-color  stranded design knit in the round with steeks.  My vest was knit flat and seamed and had a cable-lace pattern in the front.  I had thought I might need to write the pattern, and did about it at the Knit and Crochet Show.  At the time I was told it wasn't necessary (and they're still saying that), but they're recommending I do so because it'll be good practice for Level 3.  I'd just as soon get feedback now on my garment pattern writing skills, since it's clear I need some work on my swatch pattern writing!

On the whole, I'm very happy.  Level 2 was a LOT of work and I'm glad there are so few re-submits.  This means I will be able to jump into Level 3 very soon!


Soo said...

What a great result! I've been considering (and then chickening out) this for a while and your feedback/experience has got me considering it again! :)

Eleanor said...

Rox, you are a brave pioneer, imo, on this Master Knitter project. With your encouragement, I have jumped in with both feet. Received my Master Level I package a few days ago. It looks oh, so simple and oh so daunting at the same time! I started a swatch and was tempted to rip something out for the first time--ever!

(Where's that stiff upper lip when you need it?)

Rox said...

Eleanor, I had the same reaction to the Level I instructions when I first received them. I would encourage you not to rip out a swatch until you've had a chance to reknit it, perhaps focusing on what you think could be improved, doing a bit of research toward that end, and then comparing the results of what you have learned with the original swatch. Without the comparison, sometimes it's hard to tell whether you're improving or not!