Tuesday, February 17, 2009

What I did on my Presidents' Day vacation

So I realize today isn't Monday, but yesterday was President's Day, the kids were home and we were working on a big weekend family project, which is still in progress.


(these are actually the after pictures from the last time we did this particular project)
The girl in that photo had just turned 10 years old.

She is now 14 and has very different ideas about what her room needs to look like. Her plans included painting parts of her room black. So this weekend, we painted. And so far, the room looks like this:

Tonight we will install the closet shelving system. Over the next few weeks various other things will arrive to fill the room, such as a new bed, bedside tables and lamps (courtesy of Nana, aka The World's Best Mother-in-Law™, who is moving to new digs), curtains to cover the now-doorless closet, plus a new bedroom door with mirror. We have a few things left to pick out, like an area rug for the floor. Her dresser is moving into the closet, so she's going to have more floor space and will need another piece of furniture, such as a chair or couch (we just haven't decided which of the two pieces we have will look best yet.)

In knitting news, I finished the I-cord edging for the garter stitch blanket and wove in the ends. What a difference the I-cord made -- the rippled edges are gone, and it looks great. I still need to wash it to give it a final finished blocking, but that will have to wait for another day.

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Deborah (aka Mt. Mom) said...

Amazing what an edging will do!
Congratulations on *another* finish, Rox! (Does it feel good yet?) Where do you think Level 2 is going to fit in your finishing program? I mailed mine this week, so you can consider the gauntlet thrown down. ;-)

Black, eh? Hmmmm.... A girl with Opinions!