Friday, February 20, 2009

Friday Video - I did it!

I am still fighting with Windows Movie Maker, although we have come to an agreement in which I copy the AVI files from my digital camera to my laptop, import them into individual WMM projects save them each as a WMV file, then re-import them into WMM in order to use several of these video files together with the wmv files my web cam creats into one Movie Maker Project that I can edit and save without my laptop blowing up. Which I then save as one big wmv.

It's not very elegant.

I realize there are issues with different sound levels depending on which camera I was using, and I realize I'm not the smoothest talker and I have an annoying habit of tsking at the beginning of every sentence. Also, I could use some hand cream. Nothing like filming your hands with the macro setting to make that abundantly clear.

I'll work on it.

I'm just so delighted that I *did* this. It's not easy to knit yourself a movie!


Robin said...

THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU!!! I wish I had seen a demo like this when I was first learning, but I still got helpful tips today. And no one expects (or shouldn't) professional sound editing the warning you gave was plenty to let me know to open the volume control. I'm looking forward to next week's segment.

Diane said...

I love the video! Thank you!

And I loved seeing the kitty in the background, lol

Deborah (aka Mt. Mom) said...

Hey, Rox, you did it -- yay!!

I've made a few knitting videos myself (my YouTube channel is called "MtMomDesigns"), which my teen-genius son edits for me. He also manages the camera on its tripod behind my right shoulder. How is *your* camera supported for your hand-shots?

Rox said...

Deborah, I'm a solo video taper. I have a tripod that I set up so that the camera is right above my hands. That means I have to watch what I'm doing through the camera display and my hands are held out a little farther than they would be normally. As a result, I sometimes knit a bit awkwardly on camera.

Candy said...

This is a great video! Thanks for putting in all the work...I like your tips very much.