Saturday, March 24, 2007

Happy Birthday, indeed

Look what the mail carrier brought me today:

Look familiar? It's my Master Hand Knitting Level 1 submission, back from the committee already. I mailed it March 12.

Here's some good news:

I have two re-submits to do: Swatch 16, which is the color changing swatch, and the answer to one question.

I was worried about various things on swatch 16 -- were the ends woven in well, for example -- but the one thing I didn't worry about was whether or not I followed the instructions correctly!
In the stockinette portion, I was supposed to knit 10 stitches and then change colors. Instead, I changed colors on the 10th stitch. Otherwise, the swatch was acceptable.

The answer to the question is easy enough to fix. One sentence contained an incorrect statement regarding the referenced swatches. The committee pointed out the error, but didn't give me the answer, which I thank them for. Once I looked at the swatch in question, I could see what my mistake was. I should be able to make my corrections this weekend and send them off on Monday.

Here's the best part, though, from the bottom of page two to the top of page three:

Wow. I knew I was obsessing about my knitting not being "good enough," but I had no idea how far over the edge I actually was. Turns out there's a name for my problem. Neurotic Perfectionism.

Note: turns out I don't have to resubmit my answer to that one question. Just need to re-knit the swatch. I looked in my stash of swatches and found another swatch 16, but guess what? I made the same mistake on that one!

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