Thursday, January 11, 2007

Master of my knitting domain

As part of my effort to be a Better Person in 2007, I want to clear out a few nagging projects. Those would be the ones labeled "On my nerves" in the sidebar.

There are three such projects.
1. The Not-so-pretty petals socks. I redid the toe that wasn't so hot. I cut the leg and ripped out the extra lace repeat and then regrafted the leg to the ankle. All I have to do is weave in the frigging ends. That's it. And yet they continue to swim at the bottom of my knitting bag.

2. The Samus cardigan. Still needs that zipper. One good afternoon is all it would take.

3. Finish my Master Knitting Level I course. I have most of the swatches done. Maybe all of them -- I can't remember. Most of the questions are done; a few need more refinement. I have to knit the hat project. I already knit it once, but I fooled myself into believing I had the right gauge with size 7 needles, even though I used size 8 needles with the same yarn for all my swatches in order to achieve the required gauge. I fooled myself because I tend to believe I "always knit to gauge." The pattern called for US 7 needles, so that's what I used. I checked my gauge while I knit. Several times. And each time I stretched and cajoled the knitting into looking like it was the right gauge. It is not. I think I could finish this baby up in about a week's worth of time, a couple hours a day.

If I can get those monkeys off my back, I'll be able to get back to my Monkey Socks guilt free.

What are the chances that'll happen?

I'm gonna dare me to do it. Just watch me.

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