Monday, May 02, 2011

Yarn Over and the Technical Trio

Yarn Over was this past weekend, and I had a fantastic time.  I took two great classes - one from Susanna Hansson and one from Fiona Ellis and both were great.  I love to see how other teachers teach, and it's even better when I learn something new.

Perhaps the best part of the weekend was having breakfast Sunday morning with TECHknitter and Joan Schrouder.  We've been planning this breakfast for months, and I couldn't wait to lay my eyes on TECHknitter.  Who hasn't wondered about the face behind the fabulous knitting blog?

We had a fantastic time geeking out and mutually admiring each other and talking about Ravelry, which is what really brought us together.  When the waiter brought our breakfast, we asked him to take our picture.

The whole time at breakfast, I kept wondering how TECHknitter could eat breakfast with that giant black rectangle strapped across her eyes. Amazing.  Also, I could swear my cardigan was completely buttoned up when I left the house that morning.  And doesn't Joan look gorgeous in that blue shawl?


TECHknitter said...

Joan is gorgeous, you are gorgeous, your garments (sweater and shawl) are gorgeous, and the rectangle is a hoot. Best, TK

Joan Schrouder said...

I had such a great time with the 2 of you! Sure wish we could get together more often.