Monday, April 23, 2007

All Master Knitting all the time

I imagine the fervor will diminish once I get all the swatches and questions done, because then it's the three projects.

Swatch update:
Swatch #2 - Reverse stockinette seam - FINISHED

I'm worried that the purl stitches at the seam look too tight/small.

Swatch #3 - Seed stitch seam - FINISHED

I've never seen seed stitch seamed. It looks OK, if not great, to me.

Swatch #6 - Vertical to horizontal seam - FINISHED

but I want to fix a tiny error:

Swatch #8 - Twisted blended decreases - FINISHED
(no pic yet)

Swatch #10 - CDD decreases - FINISHED

Swatch #11 - Lace swatch #1 (Vertical lace trellis) FINISHED; pattern instructions FINISHED

Swatch #12 - Lace swatch #2 (Star rib lace) FINISHED (but I may re-do it to make the CDDs look nicer)

Swatch #17 - Single rib buttonholes - FINISHED, but I'm not crazy about my ribbing

I also wasn't sure if I spaced these correctly. They're supposed to be 2" apart, which is easy to do when you're doing identical buttonholes, but because the first one is vertical and is about 1/2" long, I wasn't sure how they defined 2" apart. I decided to measure from the start of one buttonhole to the start of the next. I'll explain that in the materials to show that I do know how to measure.

Swatch #21 - Picking up stitches - FINISHED

Bits I've started
Swatch #1 - Stockinette seam - swatches knit, but not sewn
Swatch #4 - Single rib seam - The bane of my knitting existence. Level II will be the level in which I perfect rib selvedges while simulanteously achieving perfect, even rows of rib
Swatch #5 - Double rib seam - 2 swatches knit, each on different size needles to see if I can improve them
Swatch #7 - Horizontal to horizontal seam - one swatch knit

Bits I haven't started at all
Swatch #9 - Twisted full fashioned decreases
Swatch #13 - Lace swatch #3 (undecided)
Swatch #14 - Cable swatch #1 (undecided)
Swatch #15 - Cable swatch #2 (undecided)
Swatch 16a - Cable exercise
Swatch 16b - Cable flare swatch
Swatch #18 - Double rib buttonholes
Swatch #19 - Seed stitch buttonholes
Swatch #20 - Buttonholes spaced evenly
Swatch #22 - Inset pocket


Julie said...

I read all of this and I think, "Oh, I should get to work on my level 1 stuff." I don't even know how long ago I signed up, but I did get revised directions several months ago. Still not working on it, though. Kudos to you for sticking it out!

Nancy said...


Wonder work! I must say you and Marlene are encouraging the rest of us sloths! I just wish I would get started on my Level-1. may be once school is out for the summer I can get started . . . hmmmmm!

Really very impressive and thanks for sharing!


Nancy said...

That should be WONDERFUL!

Tracey said...

I'm also working on level II and I was looking at your vertical to horizontal seam. I was thinking that you need to seam from edge to edge, completely across the side edge. I see you didn't do that and I'm wondering which is right. Your's looks much nicer than my attempt since it was so stretch out. I put that swatch away for now.