Saturday, December 02, 2006

Gift knitting countdown

To do:
  • Finish Ro's thrummed mittens. Deadline: 12/8/06
  • Knit Tina a third thrummed mitten, because the first one was kind of flat and the second one was nice and poofy. Deadline: 12/8/06
  • Make little napkin-ring thingies for eight friends (including the two above) that will hold this year's gift certificate.
  • Graft LBR's sock back together. Deadline: 12/10/06
  • Knit Al's second GI Dennis sock (remember to count repeats on leg first). Deadline: 12/18/06

Things not to do:
  • Design kitschy flamingo socks
  • Search Internet for funky pink novelty yarn
  • Make the cat a moebius bed
  • Make more Lizard Ridge afghan squares
  • Start a pair of socks for myself
  • Start another pair of socks for myself
  • Plan all my vacation trip knitting.
  • Start on my vacation trip knitting.
  • Spend valuable knitting time blogging about how I'm not getting my To Do items finished.

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