Monday, November 27, 2006

Mano a Manos

I didn't get out of the yarn shop yesterday with just a $4 skein of leftover yarn. I bought a hank of Cascade 220 in black, for Tina's third mitten, and this:

Manos del Uruguay, color 116, which I believe is called "Caribe." I've always thought of Manos as a rustic yarn, but it is, in fact, very soft -- a mixture of merino and Corriedale. I want a whole sweater made out of this stuff. I'm sure it wouldn't cost more than two or three hundred dollars. Sigh. Maybe a hat.

I cast on immediately (well, after I finished the toe on the Pretty Petals sock) to make a Moebius bowl. I completed the handle and made it half way or so down the bowl when I put it down last night. I probably would have kept going till I had finished, if it weren't a school day today. I like the 4 1/2 day weekend. Once the cooking was finished, I got a whole lot of knitting done.

The bowl will be felted and then sent to my math-professor father, who will undoubtedly appreciate the art of the moebius bowl. I plan to make a moebius cat bed once my holiday gift knitting is done. I have this crazy idea that the cat won't sit on my arm while I type, if I give him a bed to curl up in. He sits on my arm, because I won't let him sit here:

Cat-induced writer's block.


Rebecca said...

What a teeny laptop! My Dad just surprised me with a new laptop and the screen is probably twice the size as yours (it's a "Media Edition")....a little too wide for my taste.

I love the Manos yarn and that Caribe colorway looks just like the colors in the Caribbean! I'm looking forward to seeing it knit into a hat!

Rox said...

I think it's just the perspective of the photo. It's not small at all (nor light weight, unfortunately). It's a Dell Inspiron. It's about 12" wide and 10 1/2" deep.