Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Kit arrives!

The kit from my KSKS buddy arrived yesterday afternoon. I think Sophia was as excited as I was to open the box.

My kit buddy was Margit , who created this little ladybug bag with ribbon handles. Look closely and you'll see my favorite Inox dpns peeking through the secret hiding place in the ribbon strap.

She also sent lots of tips and hints for knitting toe-up, as I'd been trying to find a compelling reason to try them and hadn't come up with one. The pattern she sent, Cookie's Baudelaire from the latest Knitty is a great reason. To complement the pattern, she sent some Knit Picks Palette in a wonderful purple color. I have a hard time finding solid sock yarn locally, and picking it from the Internet can be problematic (as the awful pink Opal in my stash will attest to), so this worked out great for me! She also sent some dark chocolates (I could live on dark chocolate, except that I'd end up in some sort of sugar coma), which Sophia found infinitely more interesting than the knitting supplies.

Now that I think of it, though, which would be harder to live without? Chocolate or yarn? A world without both wouldn't be a world worth living in.

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