Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Tastes Like Chicken

The sleeve is gone. Ripped back to the shoulder. I tried it on and decided the 8" armhole depth was a bit...confining. I had used the depth of an existing sweater to determine my armhole depth for the FLAK, but the sweater I measured was a raglan. I think the angled seam affects the fit at the shoulder. Plus, I re-read my copy of Knitting in the Old Way and saw that the percentages for the armhole depth are, in fact, smaller for a raglan than for a peasant sleeve.

I'm going to knit another inch or so down the front and back. Sigh.

When the frog eats that much yarn, I have to set aside the project for a day or two before I can face it again. Which is okay, because I had the perfect project to pick up for just that long. The Winterberry square in Janet Szabo's Taste of Aran afghan. The afghan is for my 11-year-old daughter, who wants the afghan in 3 colors: green, purple, and blue. I have five squares completed already.

Last night I was knitting along, not consulting the pattern because I'd knit enough of it to know what I was doing. Until I got to this point:

Notice anything--I don't know--WRONG with this? How about how the V on the right heads away from the bobble thingy two rows before the next V? And, as it turns out, all the other Vs across the whole square. Wouldn't be so bad if it were the first one that had been done incorrectly.

I just noticed one of the previous afghan squares has a mistake in a cable cross. I'm not fixing it. That frog has had enough to eat.


Jennifer said...

OMG, I need a frog like that! He is great!! Do not feel badly about your FLAK. If you want to feel better about yours, go look at mine. I screwed up the braid (I never even noticed until the end, of course) and I have not had the heart yet to deal with it. I think I shall tackle it Friday night.

Dave said...

frogging isn't fun, granted, but your little pal sure is cute :-)

Terri said...

Hi Rox, Sorry you had to jump into the frog pond. I've been in and out of the pond myself. I really do love the color you chose for your FLAK sweater.